The placing of an order in PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM constitutes acceptance by the customer of the legal conditions attached.

- The prices of products are in euros (€) with tax included. The prices are valid except for typographical errors or Stocks
- Sales in PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM shall comply with Spanish law with subsequent payment of taxes.
- Sign in PSYCO HOLDS.COM  is free. The customer will have access to their personal data with a password and can change the data at any time. The purpose of registration is for shipping products, invoicing and to offer the best deals. You have no obligation to be registered and you can unsubscribe at any time. By registering allows us to give a more personalized service. The information you receive when you register will be completely confidential and will not have any access to this information outsiders PSYCO HOLDS.COM  (see safely).
-PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM is not responsible for changes in specifications and features of products or when a product is discontinued without notice by the manufacturer.
- The photographs which illustrate the products do not enter the contractual field and may not give rise to any commitment by PSYCO HOLDS.COM . In addition, PSYCO HOLDS.COM assumes responsibility for the content validity of the technical specifications and product descriptions from our partners or suppliers.
- PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM reserves at all times and unilaterally changing the price of products and services offered through your website. To ensure customer security and certainty of the price of their products, this will be the effect on the advertising at the time of the order.
- At the time of placing the order, once the menu option used order acceptance is understood given the client's consent to the validity and effectiveness of the sales contract that binds the parties.

To ensure full security for the consumer to pay for the goods bought the following payment systems are established:
- Transfer: Given the nature of our sales this is the main form of payment. It is very important that you indicate the SENDER field PAYER or the name of the final customer, and must indicate the CASE Order No. No. No. Quote or Invoice. Once we receive confirmation from our bank income we will activate your order. Delivery times counted from this date.
- Payment by Credit Card: Can be accomplished payment card through the secure website. Your purchase is made by credit card or debit card through the payment platform on-line bank accredited and data entered will be forwarded directly to it. PSYCO HOLDS.COM not retain this information. ART PSYCO HOLDS.COM Opted these solutions offer greater security. For payments made with cards issued outside Spain, it is necessary that the issuing bank is hosted security protocol Secure Electronic Commerce (CES). Card payments that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted. PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM  reserves the right to refuse any transaction made ​​with a credit card. Alternatively we offer payment by bank transfer.
- Once payment is made by the client, I PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM paper invoice sent to the customer's home or virtual email address designated by the bill.

- Delivery times specified by PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM are a guide, although our company will endeavor to meet these deadlines, the delay does not imply the cancellation of the order nor any compensation.
- The commitment of PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM sale and clearance merchandise offered is subject to stock the advertised product and its availability, so PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM in its commitment to quality and customer service, trying on all times that the advertised products are available. However, in exceptional circumstances causing the stocks of the product, the order and the contract between the parties shall have no effect under this clause, fully counted restoring the client in case of prepaid amounts paid by the same without it being necessary for any of the indemnification in respect of breach of contract, damages or lost profits parties. Failing PSYCO HOLDS.COM recommends delivering another item of equal or higher range for the acquiree (always under consent of the client).
- Once selected the delivery option transport the program will automatically calculate the shipping based on product weight and destination province.
-PSYCO HOLDS.COM not send any order to verify that you have made ​​the payment.
- Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there will be no delivery service and are not counted as working days.
- A period of five days is established to approximate the actual delivery of the product purchased, which period shall begin from that PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM aware of product payment made ​​by the client, the prepayment system, and from acceptance order the option of cash on delivery. In the event of delayed more than 20 days on the approximate time of delivery receipt, and provided that the delay is attributable to PSYCO HOLDS.COM, the customer, upon written notice to the registered office of the company claim, PSYCO ART HOLDS . COM may unilaterally cancel the order, restituyéndosele amounts paid in the event of prepayment, and the parties agree that the application is a claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect, or under the rules of damages or profits.
- PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM not responsible for delays in delivery by the carrier for reasons beyond the normal operation of transport services, such as strikes, accidents, overloading the truck, etc..
- The order will be delivered to the address designated at the time of recruitment by the customer. The subsequent changes in the place of delivery requested by the customer may incur additional charges on the sale price.
- The order will be delivered at the main entrance of the place designated by the customer and a signature and ID will be required to collect the goods. The carrier has no commitment to take the goods inside the house, just drop it in the main entrance of the street. On request, the carrier can help clients bring order to the door of the apartment, as long as time allows and there was some impediment to bring the goods to the door of the apartment, as in cases where no lift, the packages do not fit in the lift, the packages do not pass through the doors or when steps to climb up to the elevator.
- The customer is responsible for verifying the content and condition of the goods at the time of delivery, being that accepted it and consigning his signature on the copy of the packing slip to return the carrier concurs on the received and waiving further claims on the adequacy and identity requested and received merchandise. For verifying the customer upon delivery of the goods received in error, or that this one is visually impaired, you should provide these circumstances the delivery note and make known these facts PSYCO HOLDS.COM  within 24 hours, by written complaint to the designated email address for this purpose, in the corresponding section of our website.

- In accordance with the provisions of art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January Retail Trade, the customer is entitled to revoke the order requested within seven (7) days after receipt thereof, after notifying PSYCO ART HOLDS. COM.
- Circumstances that may cause a change are as follows: If the product you ordered does not satisfy you: If the customer decides to exercise this right of withdrawal shall be borne by the customer and the cost of returning any damage suffered for the product or merchandise. Thus, after verification of the goods in return we refund 90% of the product, 10% retained in respect of handling, review and administrative management; not paying the shipping order. Failing PSYCO HOLDS.COM recommends delivering another item of equal or higher range for the acquiree (always with client consent), in which case the customer will pay the difference and which likewise have to deal with the new freight shipping and the return of another product. No waiver shall return the goods or on orders that may be considered for its special features, made ​​to measure the express wish of the customer.
Defective Product source: In this case PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM manage change and / or repairing the unit immediately. The change will always be for the same item or reference. Only you will be billed for the first shipment, taking over PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM of postage for the return and redelivery. If you make an exchange for another item, or the product was in excellent condition, the cost of return and new shipment will have to be borne by the customer. Product by mistake does not respond to the order: PSYCO HOLDS.COM bear the costs of collecting the wrong item and send the correct order made.
- PSYCO HOLDS.COM make changes or refunds if: They give advance notice to our Customer Service: This step is essential regardless of whether the reason for the return. You can do so by sending an email which express the causes of the return. We will tell you how you can act to return the item and confirm it if necessary. The item to be returned must be properly packaged for return: PSYCO HOLDS.COM not be responsible for refunds on products handled by the client, those returned without factory original packaging, or goods that are returned incomplete both in its entirety main as accessories.
- PSYCO HOLDS.COM not be refunded or perform any forwarding of goods until it has verified the receipt and status of packaging and accessories item for return.
- The price to return is originally contained in the order. There shall be no right of withdrawal beyond the said period.
- PSYCO HOLDS.COM never will pay faulty installation of appliances purchased at our store if it is not our company who made.

WARRANTY - The standard warranty of the products offered by PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM is two (2) years.
- The customer enjoys a full warranty (forwarding another release) in case this product anomaly within the first seven (7) days. All associated costs will be borne by PSYCO HOLDS.COM ART.
- For manufacturing defects and operation that have purchased products through PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM is set solely responsible manufacturer thereof. To manage the guarantee must show proof of purchase,. The warranty shall begin on the day of delivery of the order.
- The warranty is void if the product has been mishandled ..
- The warranty is void in the case of materials subject to wear from normal use.

PSYCO HOLDS.COM se agree not to use the personal data of its customers or users for purposes unconnected with the subject of hiring the services provided, by ensuring appropriate confidentiality of such measures, loss or alteration and unauthorized access authorized data.
PSYCO HOLDS.COM through email or personal client, may send offers and information provided the customer, prior to accept this form as expressly requested in the registration process client.
In PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM value the trust you have placed in us, so we ensure the confidentiality of your data. The ideas, suggestions or other information you choose to share with us will be used exclusively to provide you with better service. When ordering, the data you provide us will be incorporated into an automated file and will become part of the database client PSYCO HOLDS.COM ART.
Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, Law 15/99 of 13 December, the client PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and revocation case consent to the Act and other implementing regulations, by writing to our email address

- To obtain must be passed by the following address: PSYCO HOLDS.COM, C/ Esglesia 68, Taradell 08552 (Barcelona)
- The consumer, to act on the claim, must send the original of the Complaint Form, white, to the address indicated in the header, retaining the green copy in possession
- This claim is processed administratively, no guarantees indemnity basis and does not interrupt the time limits for the exercise of legal proceedings, if any.
- To facilitate the clarification of the facts, the complainant is advised to fill out a complaint and refer the complaint within a maximum period of one month to the competent authorities, linking the claim few tests and documents serve to the best knowledge of the facts especially the receipt of the invoice.
- The data collected will be treated by computer or filed with the consent of the citizen who has the right to decide who can have their data, why use them, ask that they are accurate and used for the purpose they were collected with the exceptions in the legislation.
- The use of the leaves of claims does not exclude the possibility of making his claim of any other legal form.

Both parties expressly waive the jurisdictional immunity that might apply, expressly welcome the Courts of Vic to settle disputes that may arise due to the transactions and contractual relationships under these Terms and Conditions.