Holds must be installed on a flat surface and the base of this should fully support the panel, this should never stand for any side.

Always recommended diameter bolts (M10) and the appropriate length for proper tightening should be used. While you support our dams M8 screws are not certified for this type of screws.

It is necessary and essential to use the anti-rotation screw. Unforeseen rotations dams prevent breakages and accidents are avoided.

Holds should be placed in the right place according to your shape. A hold designed for ceiling or a positive dam placed on a plate may have ways of catching uncomfortable and even harmful, for which they are not intended.

Install holds on wooden panels with a recommended 18-20mm thick and with the corresponding embedded bolts and CE certified.


Central bolt tightening torque

The tightening torque central bolt is important for several reasons:

• Must be high enough so that it is firmly attached, while preventing rotation of the hold.

• It should not be excessive, because the hold may break or ultimately damage the anchor points of the structure.

Depending on the size of hold that is the length of the screw and the torque recommended:

Non-rotating screws 

All Psyco Art Holds , have one or more points of coarse thread wood screw anchor. After fixing the hold with the central screw is necessary to fix the dam with at least one of these side screws. In this manner completely avoid the possibility of rotation or displacement of the hold during use.


* These secondary anti rotation screws should be set with care, and always finish tightening by hand, as excessive tighten machine could break the hold.


Cleanliness of hold

To effectively clean the holds we advise cleaning with specific washer liquid or with jet wash. Higher temperatures can potentially damage the holds and affect colour, we recommend temperatures to not exceed 50 degrees C.