Psyco Art Holds showing his constant desire to innovate and revolutionize holds World, along the design studio has developed a system to plug the center hole of our holds, thereby achieving four objectives:

1.-  Avoid the use of this hole as a progression point for climbers.

2.- Avoid fingers entrapment injuries in the hole.

3.- We got also unify the length of screws to fix  most of the holds, so a 50mm screw serves for 95% of all our holds, this is extremely useful when you're setting, to avoid keep trying with  different length screws.

4.- The most important: It allows us to meet European standards UNE EN-12572: 3 (There shouldn’t  be holes between  8-25mm and deeper than 15mm)

The center hole of the cap allows the use of the allen wrench, making it unnecessary to remove and replace the cap every time you move the hold.
The center hole in our holds has a groove for setting the cap correctly.