Polyurethane is a very tensile and compressive material. But be careful because polyurethanes are NOT all the same, there are many types and forms of this product, intended for use other than the preses climbing, with different values ​​of strength and tensile strength and hardness the surface, there is some plastic tact melts quickly, whereas others are very stiff and is easily split.


PSYCOARTHOLDS have, thanks to its work with the largest manufacturer of polyurethane Europe, a UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE formulation, thinking only of the features that you have a dam climbing.


With this formulation, we have managed to touch a rock is the same as in typical prey resin with ancient mineral fillers, making it impossible to differentiate once bolted to the wall, but also getting a surface hardness, twice, extending useful life of the same.

Polyurethane Psyco Art Holds techniques over other traditional polyurethanes and polyester resin, mineral fillers features:

  PSYCOARTHOLDS PU (Euro-Holds PU)   Tradicional PU   Poliester resin


(Din 53420)


                    1250 kg/m3



   1150 kg/m3



  1700 kg/m3



(Din 53505)


                      90 ShD



      70 ShD



      80 ShD


 Elongation at breakage

 (DIN 53504)