For any order placed in Spain 9.95 €  flat rate VAT to any point of Spain, including Portugal.


For all other countries of the European Union our online shop automatically calculates the postage based on the request, but for orders over € 1.500 before please send your proposal and we will calculate postage costs to the maximum setting.


Countries outside the European Union, please send email to One of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.


Customers of the Canary Islands:


Customers in the Canary Islands, are not required to pay VAT therefore PSYCO ART HOLDS.COM exempt them from paying this tax (21%). These should do the normal order, and choose as payment PREVIOUS TRANSFER. Once confirmed they will process a email-confirm the amount payable, which will be the total less VAT + postage.


Hoping that this will serve to enhance your perception of Psyco Art Holds as a concerned shop for all their customers, receive a cordial greeting.